Richard Nair

I am interested in plant-soil systems and global change, including how to measure these with technical solutions.

I am a lecturer in Botany at Trinity College Dublin.

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Richard Nair

Richard Nair

Teaching / Research Fellow

Trinity College Dublin


Richard Nair is a researcher and lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, interested in applying technical solutions to plant-soil ecology in order to understand and predict global change.

  • (Root) Phenology
  • Global Change
  • Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles
  • Technological solutions to sampling limits
  • PhD in Geosciences, 2015

    University of Edinburgh

  • MRes Ecolovy and Environmental Management, 2010

    University of York

  • BSc Biology, 2009

    University of York


Automated Minirhizotrons
I’m interested in root ecology and belowground phenology. I built automated minirhizotron systems for measuring root phenology and collected the first fully analysed high frequency automated field datasets.
Automated Minirhizotrons
Canopy Nitrogen Uptake
I am an expert in forest nitrogen cycling, particularly nitrogen uptake by the canopy. I used novel methods in mesocosm during my PhD and later validated them in the field.
Canopy Nitrogen Uptake